How to Increase Organic Traffic on Website

The number one evidence of a successful website is the amount of traffic that it gets. All website owners built their website so that they can drive a lot of people’s attention to it-that is what makes it successful. The goal is to appear on page one of a keyword search in the search engine. This would consequently cause an exponential increase in traffic. Therefore, it is important to know how to drive traffic to your website. There are various ways to increase traffic on your site and we will highlight some of those options available to you.

Know your audience and tailor your content

Readers should be your target and not just mindless search engine optimization. One of the important steps that are needed to drive traffic to your website organically is to determine who your readers are going to be and the kind of content that will be useful, engaging, and insightful. Therefore, the first step is to know and determine your audience. Your traffic will be boosted when you create and place content that is useful and relatable to them. This is where Search engine optimization comes in. After you determine what your readers are interested in and what they find useful, you would need to optimize search engines. Without gaining the previous information, optimizing content search engines is basically meaningless because the keywords you use are not necessarily useful to your audience and the content would also be useless to them.

Put Your Content Out there

Release more content regularly especially blog posts. One of the most effective ways to build traffic on your website is to regularly post content. Your content is your most effective advertisement. A lot of readers are likely to see you as the first option when they need information related to what you write about. Therefore, say you write about gadgets, the only way to gain recognition is to place your content out there through your blog and be more consistent. Blogging provides more depth than you would do with only your website and through the blog, you can create a large portfolio of educative and useful content that caters to your target audience and focuses on your niche. Your blog posts need to be professionally written and you should avoid creating unnecessary and cheap content just because you want to push more posts. A lot of research and thought needs to go into your writings. If you find it difficult to write so frequently, you could employ a writer who is experienced and good at that.

Build your Network

Create a connection and link to similar blogs. To increase your traffic and get recognition, you need to link to other sites and blogs connected to what you write about. It seems counterproductive to link to your competitors but it is not. By doing that, you are likely to build a connection in the blogging community and those other bloggers would link to your website in their stories. Another means to create more content is to answer questions and provide insightful information on social media platforms like Quora and LinkedIn. Quora is more suitable for this because it is always for more detailed answers and you can provide valuable and useful insights in that field and on the topic that you are an expert on. This gives you recognition and builds you a great following. If you do this for a while, you are going to build a strong reputation and people would seek out your website to get more information

Never Neglect Your Metadata

Make your Meta descriptive. Your Meta title and descriptions are important for you to drive traffic to your website. It is better to see your Meta description and data as the detailed information you provide google about the focus of your website. In other words, it is a way of you telling Google what your focus is and the summary of what you are discussing. Therefore, it is very important for you to get your Meta descriptions right because that is what will determine how well your website shows up when there is a search for that topic you cover. There are various tools that can be used for your metadata. Some of the tools are Hubspot’s SEO and Yoast SEO plugin. These tools help to optimize your pages. These tools are very effective but even then, you need to work on each page.

Link Relevant Articles

Link your articles to other articles you have written: To further optimize your website, one of the effective things to do is to read your other articles together. When you have built a portfolio of your articles, then you want your readers to read these articles. Therefore, one way of achieving this is to link your articles. Through this, you will guide your readers to other articles that are related to the topic you are discussing. To achieve this, you need to be very creative and attentive. It is not enough to just link your other articles, you need to know how to link them within the content of your article. You must also be attentive to not clutter your articles with too many links. That makes it tiring and exasperating for readers.

Request Other Websites Incoming Links

Encourage other websites to link to your websites. As earlier explained, it is great to create a connection with other websites when you make reference to them or link their articles in yours. However, this is a two-way street; while you link to those other websites, encourage them to link your own articles on their own websites also. If your websites have incoming links from other websites, Google will prioritize your website probably because it implies a level of credibility and expertise.


There are ways to increase the traffic on your blog organically without having to cheat or trick the system. These methods we discussed are effective, practical, and efficient. Therefore, you do not have to constantly worry about getting more traffic because you have the keys already.

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