How to get web traffic?

Everyone who creates a website hopes to generate traffic in the long run. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur or if you just love blogging. If you go into a business and create a website, it offers you an opportunity to market your product and services easily.  Before you can make sales from your website, you need visitors to come. People come to your website looking for a particular product and service and look to do business with you. The most difficult part of owning a website is driving traffic to the website. Setting up the website or a blog can be done easily with the aid of some digital platforms. In this article, we want to talk about how you can best get traffic to your website.

Get traffic through content creation

Content is in every part of our lives today. The content basically means something of value that people can benefit from. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is by creating content. Creating a certain type of content can easily help you attract visitors. The first step to creating content on your website is understanding your buyer persona. Before you can create content tailored to a particular person, need to have in-depth information about that person and that can easily be done with some research about your clients. Conduct Search engine optimization to find out the kind of things that your clients search for Google and include them in your content.

Optimize your click-through rate

The click-through rate (CTR) is one of the biggest factors that determine if clients will be visiting your website. Once you have published content, it becomes visible on the search engine and people have access to it. It doesn’t end there though. You need to make sure that people are actually clicking on the posts to read them. CTR measures the rate at which people click your post to check out your content and compares it to the number of people who saw the post generally. There are various tools that can be used to measure your organic click-through rate and a common one is Google search console. Sometimes all it takes to improve your CTR is writing captivating Meta descriptions and titles and pull people in. You need to make sure that the first thing they see from your post makes them want to know more.

Add social share buttons to your content

Social share buttons are links that make it easy for people to share your content on their social media pages. This way you are getting your audience to do the majority of the work for you. When your audience becomes promoters of your content, you can easily drive your traffic up. So how do you get social share buttons to work? Once you have created a social share button, you can ask your audience to share the content on social media. People who find your content to be valuable will gladly share it with others.  You have to make sure you create strong valuable content that is quotable. You can also include multimedia images and videos for better results.

Get the best from your media coverage

Another way in which you can drive traffic to your website is by using your media coverage.  Media coverage is a great way to increase the awareness of your brand and possibly website visitors. If you can get your marketing and public relations team to work together, then you can drive even more web traffic.  Media coverage and can create the kind of validation for your business that potential clients have been searching for. It could simply be a story about a recently released product or expert advice. People who haven’t heard about your company will want to find out more and visit your website.

Focus on the technical aspects of SEO

The technical part of SEO generally comprises of the backend of your website and it helps you understand how things are organized in the backend of your website. Some of the factors that you should consider in technical SEO include the page speed, indexing, and crawling.  Don’t underestimate the effect of minor changes to these parts of your website. Some of the changes that you can make to technical SEO include fixing broken links and setting up language Meta tags. In addition to that, you can also create XML sitemaps.

Use internal linking

When people come to your website, sometimes they don’t get all the information they need from one blog post. Do you want them to move on to another website for this information if you have it? Definitely not, and this is where internal linking is applied. Internal links link to other pages of your website. By getting visitors to grow from one part of your website to another, they are likely to become brand enthusiasts.  In addition to that, internal linking gives your website more credibility with search engines. More credibility for your website means higher ranking for your posts and website.

Optimize for voice search

A lot of people are yet to key into the prospect of voice search and that gives you an advantage in that sector.  Voice search is becoming an increasingly important area of marketing in which you can rank. Every day more people are using the voice search feature and this could be giving you a head start in the long run. How then do you optimize your web content for voice searches? Do your research about long-tail keywords that people use when they use voice search. In voice search, your content has to be tailored to the questions of your audience. Give them answers to questions that they have. Get the best from voice search and reap the rewards in web traffic.


For every business owner, it doesn’t end with creating a website. You need to get the best out of it. This is why we have put together some of the best ways to increase web traffic easily.

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