How to get traffic to your new website

As a business owner who has just set up a business, you will be looking to get your business proper exposure. One of the best ways to do this is by setting up a website. However, setting up a website isn’t the hardest part. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to find a way to get traffic to your new website. Getting traffic to their site is a major problem that most website owners face. Without being a digital guru, it is easy to get a lot of things wrong and find your website way down on the search engine rankings. In this article, we will be talking about the best ways to get traffic to your website.

Track your web traffic

The first step to getting more traffic to your website is by tracking existing traffic. Without tracking the traffic you have online, it is impossible to know how many people actually visit your website. You also need to monitor your web traffic in order to know the areas of your website that need improvements. Another important benefit of tracking web traffic is that it gives you the opportunity to determine the cost of sales in your business. This includes money spent on ads and other internet campaigns.

Implement search engine optimization in your website

In the world today, if you do not understand Search engine optimization (SEO), you may find it difficult to drive traffic to your website. You need to expand your knowledge about SEO to ensure that you engage in the right type of strategies for your business. Understanding SEO gives you an advantage over others who just dish out content to their others on a regular basis. SEO gives you the opportunity to get better results in the marketing of your business. To implement search engine optimization on your website, you might need an SEO expert. An SEO expert is someone who has in-depth knowledge of search engine optimization and how to make your website rank higher on search engines. If hiring an SEO expert proves to be too difficult, you can always do it yourself.

Create valuable and relatable content

The value of good content for your website and business cannot be overstated. Content is another great way to get more traffic to your website. The kind of content you create has the power to keep your audience coming back for more. Good content is capable of keeping your audience engaged to the extent that they can leave good reviews about your website to others.  Think about the free promotion you stand to get from your audience when they share your content with others. 

Before creating content, you need to understand your audience persona. You have to know the kind of things they want to see when they come to your website. This can be achieved with some audience research. Tailor your content around their persona and give them the kind of things that they expect to see.

Utilize email marketing

Another way that people have been able to successfully drive traffic to their website is through email marketing. Email marketing involves promoting offers and content from your website page to email contacts. For an email marketing campaign to be successful, you need to have an email list that you can market to. You need to create a lead magnet that can be used to drive business sales. The goal of email marketing is for you to send special offers of products and services to your clients. Avoid spamming your email contacts with messages. Instead, you can try sending them valuable content that they will be interested in.

Ensure that your website is mobile compatible

One thing that you have to consider if you really want to drive traffic to your website is the mobile-friendliness of your website. Having a website that displays on mobile devices is not enough. Your website needs to be able to run smoothly on the devices. One way to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly is by using Google’s page insights tool. This tool can help you monitor the optimization of your website and ensure that it conforms to the standard requirement. Ensure that content on your website is AMP-specification ready.

Leverage re-targeting ads on Google

Google re-targeting ads is another way to get traffic to your website easily. The good thing about Google re-targeting ads is that they do not target just anybody. These ads are focused on people who have already visited your website for a product or service and left without completing the purchase. Google utilizes conversion pixel as a means to monitor people who have already been to your website and re-market your product and services to them. Their desired product is placed in various websites where they visit shortly after they have left. This is a great way to drive people to your website and it is best used by business owners.

Engaging in Influencer marketing

Almost everyone is familiar with influencer marketing these days. Influencer marketing is another great way to get your content and website to several people without having to do much. Almost all social media platforms gave influencers who command a very strong following. This works in such a way that the influencer promotes your product or service to their audience. It is even more effective when you can find influencers in your industry. Influencer marketing might seem expensive, but it is nothing compared to the endless opportunities you stand to gain. It can help drive new customers to your website and even reaffirms your business brand to be a trusted one.


The very essence of a website is for you to market your business to as many people as possible. Without getting people to come to the website, it is not serving its purpose. Any of the above-listed ways could be just what you have been waiting for to get your business out there.

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