How to Get More Hits On Your Website


As newcomers in the area of using the website to accomplish some of your activities including business, you will come to get a lot of terms that might cause you to struggle at first. However, as you settle down and learn how things work, you get to know things more clearly and even interact with them. The better part of this article focuses on one of the terms that used to be important but is slowly losing value in the current era of website development for business or other purposes

Terms Common When Using a Website

Before going into how we can get more hits on our website, it is important that we look at some of the terms and how they relate to each other.

How Do You Get To Record More Hits On Your Website?

Here then comes the big question. How can I ensure that I am getting as much hit as possible on my website? Generally, hits come as a result of a visit meaning that you cannot record a hit without having recorded a visit to your website although one visit may actually record several hits. So the more you focus on getting visits, the more hits you are likely to register. Visits can be outsourced from several platforms. The major sources include:

  • Direct navigation by the visitors for example bookmarks and email links
  • Referral traffic for example from social media platforms
  • Organic search
  • Pay per click(PPC)

Therefore, looking at these channels, there are certain ways within them that can be helpful in ensuring that you are getting more hits. Here are top ways that you may consider because they are proven and tested by experts in the field.

Have An Optimized Website

Getting more hits requires you to have a website that does not restrict people to use certain devices. Having a website that can easily be used on mobile phones as well as on desktops is a guarantee that people will love your site and will definitely stay longer and give you hits. Focus more on mobile phones because they are more convenient and more people are using them as compared to desktops or laptops. Forcing people to have a laptop so that they can have access to your website will just lead to no visits at all leave alone the hits.

Improve The Loading Time Of Your Site

Again, this aspect goes back to the user experience. When people go to a website and it is able to bring results within seconds of typing in their queries, they tend to love it and will go ahead and do some downloads, adding to your hits tally. In order to ensure high-speed loading of your website, optimize the following aspects of the content on your website:

  • Sizes of the image files
  • The structure of your page
  • The functioning of plugins belonging to 3rd parties

Internal Linking

Linking internally will also help you get more hits on your website. Internal links come in when you are creating your website content. There is a way in which you can add links in your content that might for example lead to a certain content that is worth downloading. So despite the fact that internal linking has less impact on your SEO, it will be a sure way in which your hits might increase a hundredfold.

Incorporating Content That Is Worthy Downloading

While doing your content creation for example a blog post or something on your website, incorporate images and videos that people can download. This constitutes your hits and when they are more of them, then you are slowly increasing your hits. Besides adding to your hits tally, videos and images when added to your content will be a great bait for even more page visits and that is what matters most to website owners.

Using Crazy Headlines

When you have very attractive headlines, people will become more interested in your posts and will likely scroll until they meet content that is worth downloading. Headlines will attract more visitors to your site without much complication. So master the art of coming up with such headlines. Write, erase, and write again and again until you settle one headline that you believe may not evade people at all.

Build A Community Platform On Your Website

When you have a section on your website where people can interact with you and with others, you are fostering that sense of community and people like that. They will tend to come back more and more often and you can be sure to increase your hits. Be proactive in this section and make sure that your website users are well satisfied and will continue using your site.


While no longer considered important, hits can be a good indicator that your website is doing great and is healthy. When people download some of the contents on your website, it is a clear indication you are actually engaging them and this will make your business grow better. Therefore, to increase the hits, you can follow some of the guidelines that have been provided here.

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